What is EMR &EHR?

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digitized version of a patient’s medical records. These electronic medical reports contain vital information about the patient such as their personal details, pharmacy orders, radiology resukts, laboratory results, discharge/transfer orders and any other such medical information related to the same. It’s a more sound and systematic way of keeping medical records.

An Electronic Heath Record(EHR) goes a step further is more like a comprehensive data bank of all the medical reports relating to a patient from various healthcare providers stored in either chronological order or sometimes even in the form of graphs and charts. This makes it easy for the doctors to analyze the data regarding the patients treatment history in the event of an emergency instead of sifting through mountains of paperwork.

The main difference between EMR and EHR is that EHRs allow a patient’s health record to move as an when required across different organizations whether it is other health care providers, specialists, hospitals, nursing homes, and even across states.

How can the patients benefit from EMR?

With the ever evolving technology EMRs have made life easy not only for doctors but largely for patients as well.

With the help of EHRs:

  • Quicker Decision Making - Patients can easily search and retrieve any information regarding their health or medical history which can help them and their families make better choices and quicker decisions regarding their treatments and health.

  • Mobility - Tracking and analyzing information gets easier with EHRs and unlike paper records they are not bulky and cannot be lost therefore it reduces the financial burden on a patient of having to duplicate tests.

  • Ease of Access - EHRs being accessible online can be accessed easily by the doctors or medical staff in the event of an emergency relating to the patient which can indeed help save time and lives.

How to maintain a digital record of your medical history?

It is a simple 3- step method for patients as well as doctors.

  • Step 1: Sign Up with your mandatory personal details.

  • Step 2: Update Record - This involves putting in the medical records of the patient in the system so that it can be accessed by the patient as well as the clinician.

  • Step 3: Upload images / pdf flies - Incase of physical reports this step involves uploading the same onto the server so that it can be accessed at a later time by any of the medical providers as per their discretion. Done and all set to be medically safe & efficient.


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